söndag 23 april 2017

More Framed Art Available

Even though we have had a fairly mild winter and there were indications for an early spring, things have taken longer. Finally the spring is here and I have been putting a lot of work into our garden, will post some pictures soon.

Here are more paintings that are available framed.

"Apple Abstraction 29" 
 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inches), acrylic on Canvas hardboard-MDF.

"Flower Abstraction 194" 
 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inches), acrylic on Canvas hardboard-MDF.

"Autumn Abstraction 23"
 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inches), acrylic on Canvas hardboard-MDF.

fredag 21 april 2017

Framed art available

I have small paintings available with rustic wood frames, ready to hang. Price include frame and shipping.

"Flower Abstraction 217" 
 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inches), acrylic on Canvas hardboard-MDF.


"Autumn Berry Abstraction 35" 
 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inches), acrylic on Canvas hardboard-MDF.


måndag 17 april 2017

Shapes & Movement 87


This is one of my new abstract paintings that I had in my Easter Exhibition. Getting ready for some cleaning up in my studio and after that, start painting again.

fredag 14 april 2017

Shapes & Movement 60


Should have posted this earlier, but never got around to it. It is part of my Easter "Open Studio" Exhibition (Konstrundan) and was sold today. I made a rustic yellow frame for it and I love the end result.

tisdag 28 mars 2017

Flower Abstraction 217

Easter is closing in and with it my Easter Exhibition. Have done a lot of frames to fit my small paintings. Will show some pictures of them soon.

I have also done a lot of garden work. Spring has finally arrived.

måndag 20 mars 2017

Shapes & Movement 55

Spring is here and I am putting all my free time in the garden, changing the layout on the front side, doing the ground work. I have been waiting a long time to get things going and finally I can.

This is a small abstract painting that I did this winter. It is simple, direct and with a limited color pallette.

fredag 17 mars 2017

Autumn Berry Abstraction 32

I know this one doesn't reflect the season we are in, but it's colorful, playful and show what is coming.

söndag 12 mars 2017

Bird's Nest Abstraction 70

Putting eggs in an abstract bird's nest makes it less abstract, but sometimes I like the mix things up and sometimes it works very well. This is one of those occasions. I also decided to go more "nature" with the colors.

onsdag 8 mars 2017

Shapes & Movement 108

This is my largest painting I have done the last months, and probably the last painting I did before my spring break. Working large give me the space to go for it, but can also be a challenge, finding the right size variation and right amount of details.

lördag 4 mars 2017

Flower Abstraction 197

This flower abstraction remind me of flowers glowing in the moonlight, no idea why, but that is the feeling I get.
I know I should be painting, but time is better spent right now by preparing things for the "Easter exhibition" and spring is knocking on the door and so much to prepare and plan for the coming work in the garden. Will rework the front of the house, where we built the new fence and we will also ad two Fig trees to the mix of eatable trees and bushes.

tisdag 28 februari 2017

Shapes & Movement 56

This is a small abstract painting that I did a while ago. I really love to paint a blue and red color pallette, with a touch of yellow as accent.

söndag 26 februari 2017

Garden fence addition

We are done with all the fencing, small part in the back left from the previous owner, but we leave it for now. Our latest addition is a gate between the house and the storehouse (connected). We wanted to make the main garden an isolated unit, with some protection from animals that might be interested in our crops and berries.

This is how it looks now. (last picture show what it looked like last summer).

Last summer (2016)

fredag 24 februari 2017

Autumn Berry Abstraction 35


I think this is the last painting I finished before I shift my focus to making frames for the Easter exhibition and garden projects. It is a small berry abstraction and it was a challenge to balance simplicity with enough details to make it vivid.

tisdag 21 februari 2017

New Fence - Update

We did the major part of the new fence yesterday, we liked it, but felt that it could be better with a few changes. We did the changes today and we feel that we made the right decision. The first version had more drama, but the final fence has better "flow". I show both versions. The neighbors were good enough to give us free hands, they didn't need the privacy, but we felt that it looked better with it.
I show the final result first and show the first attempt further down.

This is the final fence with the small changes that we did today. We had to cut one pillar/post a little and remove one to make a taller one.

This is how it looked yesterday, with 3 dramatic changes in hight.

måndag 20 februari 2017

Shapes & Movement 107

I am not painting right now, got my mind on other things. Making frames for my Easter exhibition and garden work take all my free time and energy. 
Finished the fence on the front of the house today, might do some minor changes, so I post it when I am sure it is finished. We might have been crazy, but we worked through the cold, rain and wind.

This is an abstract painting that I did a few weeks back. I often react over the harmony in this painting. I really like the vibe I got from this one.

lördag 18 februari 2017

Flower Abstraction 205


We are not there yet, but I am looking forward to the coming season change. I painted a lot of small flower paintings last summer/autumn and I still got some to post. This one is a little looser than usual, went outside my comfort zone.

torsdag 16 februari 2017

Spring preperation - New Fence in the front.

 Old fence, built by the previous owner. 

 It is very "wonky" and is leaning towards our neighbor. 

 The fence stripped down.

I don't know if the spring is here yet, but it is going to be warmer and the snow will melt away. I have removed most of the fence in the front of our house. We will build the new fence next week if the weather are right for it.

tisdag 14 februari 2017

Bird's Nest Abstraction 77

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

The subject of today's post isn't typical for a day like this, but the colors are. I did a similar one earlier, but extended the composition and format.

söndag 12 februari 2017

Shapes & Movement 100

This is one of my abstract paintings where I reduce color, not totally black and white, but scaling down to one color one additional color.

fredag 10 februari 2017

Autumn Berry Abstraction 26

This is another one of my autumn berry paintings that I did last year. I usually go for one subject that are fun to do and I keep painting them as long as I feel that I contribute something. As soon as I get the feeling that I am on repeat, then I move on.

tisdag 7 februari 2017

Shapes & Movement 83

This is an non-figurative abstract painting that I did a while back. It has a limited pallette, but with a lot of values, making it very much alive.

söndag 5 februari 2017

Flower Abstraction 189

Spring has to wait a little longer, but it's not that far away until the garden wakes up. Time to make plans and do preparations. I still got flowers to show though.

lördag 4 februari 2017

Shapes & Movement 88

This is a small abstract painting, slightly inspired by flowers. I could have included it in my "flower" series, but I thought it was closer to non-figurative.

måndag 30 januari 2017

Flower Abstraction 222

This is flower painting that I did a while back, changing things up with a different format, not the usual square.The bright colors make me think of summer.

torsdag 26 januari 2017

Shapes & Movement 103

This is one of those paintings that painted itself. I'm not sure if it is the red dominant color scheme, but I really like this one a lot.

söndag 22 januari 2017

Shapes & Movement 74

This painting came from a very direct approach and I didn't overthink things. There is a fine balance between rough and polished and I am happiest when I find it. This one landed on the rougher side, but I had control enough to make it work.

torsdag 19 januari 2017

Flower Abstraction 199

I painted this one a while back and it was a little different from what I did back then. I is kind of moody in a way, with it's limited color pallette, but at the same time very vibrant with it's warm colors.

tisdag 17 januari 2017

Bird's Nest Abstraction 75

This isn't the most colorful or most abstract bird's nest painting that I have done, the color choice make it look more natural, but I like it anyway.

söndag 15 januari 2017

Shapes & Movement 82

This is an abstract painting with a limited color pallette.The only colors I used was black, white and yellow. I haven't decided what paintings I will show during Easter, only that the focus will be on small paintings, with some additional medium and large paintings. All paintings that I post are available to buy, but I will not provide any buy link. If interested, contact me instead.

fredag 13 januari 2017

Shapes & Movement 101

One learn more from some paintings than others. I learned a lot from this one. I had a lot of fun exploring and the process is based on organized chaos. I played with shapes, colors and brush strokes, guided by the process in itself.
This painting is likely to be included in my Easter Exhibition. If you are interested in it, feel free to contact me.

onsdag 11 januari 2017

Apple Abstraction 29

This is a new version of a painting that I loved a lot, but got sold. I wanted to go in without any intentions and make an original, not a copy of the original. In my mind, this one is a winner. I think that I will include this one in my Easter exhibition, if it gets sold, great, if not I am more than happy to keep it myself. I will not put it up for sale, but if interested, contact me.

måndag 9 januari 2017

Shapes & Movement 84

Still not painting, well tried a few times, but overthinking is never a good thing. I am continuing making frames instead. My thought is that the color of the frames will suit the painting. Paintings that are chosen and framed will not be available for sale, unless you contact me. This is one of my abstract paintings that I painted earlier.

lördag 7 januari 2017

Shapes & Movement 73

This is one of my abstract paintings where I experimented with a limited pallette. It is important for me to keep my signature style, my identity, even if I am going non-figurative abstract. I am rejecting as many paintings that I post, not necessarily because they are bad, but because they are either not good enough or going in the wrong direction. 

torsdag 5 januari 2017

Bird's Nest Abstraction 76

I still got a lot of paintings to show, but for the moment I am taking a break from painting, time to charge my batteries. I have painted a lot the last months and I need a break. I will use the time though to do something that has to be done sooner or later and time goes quickly. During Easter there is the annual exhibition "Konstrundan" happening here in Sweden. This year I will focus on my small paintings and like last year I will make my own frames to keep the art more affordable.

This painting is part of my abstract bird's nest series, but I tried to ad something new. I wanted to keep it abstract, but play with the background, ad an abstract "nature" feel.

tisdag 3 januari 2017

Shapes & Movement 91

This is the result of painting without any restrictions, not overthinking, just going with the flow and trusting my instinct. Not saying that the approach is the right way to go in general, but sometimes one need to go outside the comfort zone.

söndag 1 januari 2017

Shapes & Movement 104

I thought I start the new year with a painting that are one of my favorite paintings right now. The painting is larger than what I have been working with this autumn, needed to mix things up. I am keeping this one to my self for now, as a reference and inspiration piece.